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The Fading Green

I’ve seen ’em falling down

Those aged giant – bodied

Standing erect and fearless

Don’t know for how long ,indeed.

They gave all shade and care

To our fathers and forefathers

Bravely did they endure

The torture of passing weathers .

Never expected for any paybacks

But I must say, they got one

A deed that’s epitome of malice

Something that mustn’t be done .

I’ve seen ’em falling down

Those selfless elders uprooted

How brutally were they killed

Definition of respect polluted.

The embrace of guardian about to vanish

Leading this mankind to banish

Watch out! Don’t be dead yourself,

For you are leaving no one to help!

Do they want to die?

I just read an article on the increasing number of suicide cases in the country and one thought that continually haunted me was that ‘do they WANT to die? Do they really want to end their life ? I mean, why would someone bear the pain of killing themselves? People say that they couldn’t fight with their problems and escaped through death. What kind of escape is that? Who would like to run away from their problems like that? Killing oneself takes great courage and a strong willpower. The decision must be a tough one. But the question remains the same, do they actually wish to die?

The thoughts of suicide do not come just like that. If someone is thinking of ending the life then it should  be understood that he or she must be dealing with things that s/he is unable to resolve. When we try to find the thoughts clouded just before the suicidal thoughts started gathering, we find that the person is bothered with some kind of problem and is trying to get its solution. The person is trying to come out of the web of complexities .S/he might have tried some or the other options but failed. Then comes the thought of suicide. The person believes that the problem would end with the life.

Do you see some pattern in this process? Can you trace the actual wish? If you still believe that they want to DIE, then you need to look at the other side of the coin. They do not actually want to die! What they want is solution, for their problems. There is no one in the world,except some maniac, who likes to kill himself. But almost everyone in the world has thought of suicide at least once in their life. So, whenever someone wants to die they actually want the solution! They want the end of problem and not the end of life. They seek for the escape from the problem of life, not from the life itself.

So next time,when you get chance to save a person from suicide, do not just counsel them but help them in swimming out of the problem he or she  is facing. Of course everyone has to fight their own battle but at least be that support t is desired. Remember that the chair of one more support is always empty in every person’s life. No help is extra, so be that.